About The Spicy Spatula

The Spicy Spatula is my little space dedicated to all things FOOD. I love food; I love cooking it, eating it, creating new recipes, finding local ingredients and learning as much as I can about the food I eat. I am not a professionally trained chef or cook, everything I’ve learned has come from books, Google, and my two awesome old ladies known as Granny Margaret and Granny Hattie. 

After years of struggling to lose weight and stay healthy I took the first step–removing toxins from my body by giving up the cancer sticks–and now I am focused on the more delicious part of being healthy, which is healthy food and learning to make the dishes I love on my own. I am accountable to me and my hubby for the ingredients we use. 

Sometimes my recipes suck but most of the time they are super-delish and I hope you agree!


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