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Dirty Rice & Beans

When I was younger I guess I was like most kids and teens, equating good food with, what I now know is unhealthy crap. As such whenever there was a dish that contained both beans and rice—and no meat—I looked at it as Third World food. I would turn my nose up at it and once I got my first job at White Castle I’d use my own money to buy food I found more palatable.

These days as meat makes a more infrequent appearance in my meals, not to mention time spent in Louisiana and Los Angeles, I’ve learned to appreciate the subtle nuances of rice and bean dishes. Whether it’s dirty rice or Mexican style rice & beans I’ve discovered how delicious and healthy beans can be. Continue reading Dirty Rice & Beans


Green & White Nachos

When I was a child my granny used to make beans a lot, especially dry beans. Maybe it was the beginning of my mild OCD but I used to love helping her sift through the beans, discarding the gross ones. That was my introduction into dry beans; before then I only knew of canned beans.

As I got older and began to learn more about food and the processes that allow certain products to sit on supermarket shelves for months and years on end. Particularly the things that go into foods that would normally be refrigerated but have been magically made to sit on the shelf indefinitely.

vegetarian nachos recipe

Often canned beans are salty, which can be remedied with a thorough washing, to remove most of the salt. But the other problems include that they are stored in potentially dangerous cans and who knows how many of the nutrients have been cooked out of them, which you will worsen by cooking them yet again to your desired tastes. Continue reading Green & White Nachos