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Mini Frittatas & Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

mini frittata salmon pinwheelsLike most people, I absolutely love the weekends. I work for myself so it isn’t so much about what the weekend represents—time away from annoying coworkers and clueless bosses—but more about the relaxing culture that encompasses all weekends. I think I have a better appreciation for my weekends now that I’m living in Europe. I wake up and linger in bed for awhile before heading to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

I admit that I’m not much of a breakfast person. Not that I don’t like breakfast, but rather I’m not all gung ho about it every morning. As long as I have a steaming cup of freshly ground coffee and a bagel…my morning is as good as mornings can get. But on the weekend we can be lazy and not rush to get him out the door to work, and that means I get to spend time with my honey and work on expanding my breakfast dishes. Continue reading Mini Frittatas & Smoked Salmon Pinwheels


Welsh Rarebit Mac & Cheese

I don’t really eat macaroni and cheese often, mostly because of all that fatty stuff that goes into and makes it so darned tasty! But when I do get a craving it is definitely NOT for that boxed crap filled with nutrition-less noodles and orange powder…what animal does powdered cheese come from?? Anyway when I get a craving I like to take a page from one of my favorite TV chefs; Alton Brown.welsh rarebit mac

On one show, a million years ago he made this Welsh rarebit (or rabbit) cheese sauce and my mouth watered like crazy. I knew that I would be adding this recipe to my repertoire and tweaking it several times over. And guess what? I did. Continue reading Welsh Rarebit Mac & Cheese

Game Day ‘Tato Skins

I’ll admit that my days of watching football or basketball are far, far behind me. And honestly when I’m in the throes of a tennis match the only thing in my hand is a cocktail. But since everyone around me is a soccer (or football) fanatic, sometimes it’s important to have a few game day recipes to tide the hungry mouths over. Just between you and me, these recipes are more to keep the screaming at the television to a minimum.

Since it’s a poorly kept secret just how much I love potatoes I usually take any opportunity I can to whip them up in any form. For the recent German on German soccer match I decided to go with good old-fashioned potato skins. Continue reading Game Day ‘Tato Skins

Double Onion & Garlic Pizza

I pride myself on being a fairly health-conscious eater, but being from Chicago the craving for pizza sometimes is just…unbearable. Rather than suffer the cardboard greasiness found in the big pizza giants, I always choose to do it myself. If I have yeast on hand I’ll even make my own dough using this recipe by Tyler Florence, but it’s a fairly time consuming process so sometimes I buy the already made dough.

onion and cheese pizza

The good news is that most bakeries—even those inside the grocery store—will sell you pizza dough for less than $2 so if you don’t really want to get it from the store hit up your local bakery. But make sure you don’t buy the bakery dough too many days in advance or it will dry out. Continue reading Double Onion & Garlic Pizza

Green & White Nachos

When I was a child my granny used to make beans a lot, especially dry beans. Maybe it was the beginning of my mild OCD but I used to love helping her sift through the beans, discarding the gross ones. That was my introduction into dry beans; before then I only knew of canned beans.

As I got older and began to learn more about food and the processes that allow certain products to sit on supermarket shelves for months and years on end. Particularly the things that go into foods that would normally be refrigerated but have been magically made to sit on the shelf indefinitely.

vegetarian nachos recipe

Often canned beans are salty, which can be remedied with a thorough washing, to remove most of the salt. But the other problems include that they are stored in potentially dangerous cans and who knows how many of the nutrients have been cooked out of them, which you will worsen by cooking them yet again to your desired tastes. Continue reading Green & White Nachos

Creamy French Onion Soup

Since the weather here in Stuttgart doesn’t seem to be anywhere near Spring-like figured it was time to revisit a soup that I’ve only grown to love as an adult.

A few years ago I lived in Boston and enjoyed many of the best things the city has to offer, including lunch and Shakespeare in the Commons. But one of my favorite things was French onion soup at the Beantown Pub. It wasn’t an everyday menu special but if you got there on the right day you’d get a delicious soup with caramelized onions and a hearty broth. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because we’d wash it down with a few cold glasses of Guinness Extra Stout, but whatever the reason it was a great way to kill a few hours during lunchtime. Continue reading Creamy French Onion Soup