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Mediterranean Pizza

One of my favorite things about cooking is venturing outside of my comfort zone. There are foods that my tongue simply refuses to acknowledge as tasty such as eggplant and spinach. Luckily for my culinary skills my husband does like those foods, but this isn’t Iron Chef so I season and experiment but never taste. He seems happy about the flavors, which is about the best I can hope for, so I think I’ve done a decent job so far.

That brings me to one of my biggest culinary loves; pizza. I’m not talking about the crap that passes for pizza in the frozen section of the grocery store because let’s be honest, that is only acceptable after a long night of partying or for college students. Otherwise it is a disgrace. No, I’m talking about making your own dough, kneading it until your muscles burn and watching (okay squealing) with delight when the dough begins to rise. This is the kind of pizza that gets my mouth watering. Continue reading Mediterranean Pizza


Double Onion & Garlic Pizza

I pride myself on being a fairly health-conscious eater, but being from Chicago the craving for pizza sometimes is just…unbearable. Rather than suffer the cardboard greasiness found in the big pizza giants, I always choose to do it myself. If I have yeast on hand I’ll even make my own dough using this recipe by Tyler Florence, but it’s a fairly time consuming process so sometimes I buy the already made dough.

onion and cheese pizza

The good news is that most bakeries—even those inside the grocery store—will sell you pizza dough for less than $2 so if you don’t really want to get it from the store hit up your local bakery. But make sure you don’t buy the bakery dough too many days in advance or it will dry out. Continue reading Double Onion & Garlic Pizza