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Sweet & Savory Bulgur Salad

I am not one of those people who hate salad. Whether it is the lettuce and dressing variety or the pasta variety, I love a good salad. In fact I am such a salad lover that I don’t need lettuce or pasta, and often I forego both when I’m feeling adventurous or simply tired of them.

I don’t look at a bowl of arugula and tomatoes and see some restrictive diet food…unless of course you try to feed me iceberg lettuce. Contrary to what some of my dear friends believe, iceberg lettuce is crap. Sure it has almost no calories, but it also has almost no nutrients and if I’m gonna nosh on salad then I’d like some nutrients to go with my leafy greens. Continue reading Sweet & Savory Bulgur Salad


Pear & Maasdam Ciabatta Sammies

When it comes to making food I find that the most difficult meal to be creative with is lunch. As a kid I would be content with a grilled cheese or a bologna (YUCK) sandwich with Miracle Whip.

As an adult however, my tastes have improved…a lot. And now that I no longer suck down cigarettes like they’re going out of style, I have nearly all of my sense of taste back and I like flavorful food that isn’t made that way because of chemicals and food coloring. I prefer fresh ingredients that are as whole as possible.

Pear maasdam sams

So when I saw these gorgeous Comice pears at the market I grabbed a few and I went in search of Fontina cheese. Since it was apparently hiding from me, I decided on a cow’s milk cheese similar in taste. I grabbed a small wedge of Maasdam, a Dutch cheese that’s made like Swiss cheese (holes and all). It’s delicious and flavorful and goes great with clean flavors like pears. Continue reading Pear & Maasdam Ciabatta Sammies