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Veggie Sub

I love a good sub sandwich and when I was a wee little teenager I was partial to Subway. They used to have these delicious giardiniera peppers that were so good that I swear I could’ve eaten them with only some melted cheese and that signature Subway bread. Of course back then I scoffed at the notion of eating any sandwich, let alone a sub, sans meat.

Then in college it was either Jimmy John’s or Blimpie’s and honestly I have no idea of either of these chains are still in business. But I will say that Jimmy John’s will always have a special place in my heart thanks to the owner (in Charleston, IL) who often made the after-hours food fix more memorable by playing old school TV show theme songs while hoards of drunk college students yelled out their best guess. To this day I get a craving for bean sprouts and turkey breast when I heard the first few beats of the Saved by the Bell theme song. And before you ask, no I don’t often hear that song these days, but when I do…I salivate. Continue reading Veggie Sub


Seafood-Shroom Burger

When it starts to warm up outside I like to challenge myself to find creative ways to enjoy some of my favorite dishes…but lighter. I’m not much of a red meat eater anyway because some of the things they do to beef, quite frankly, scares the hell out of me. I indulge occasionally but I usually end up regretting it because I feel so heavy and lethargic.

So one area where I really try to keep things fresh is The Burger. I honestly can’t say I miss traditional beef burgers but I do love a variety of other burgers. Most of the time I’ll take a boneless skinless chicken or turkey breast and throw it in the food processor with scallions or onions, herbs and spices and make my own lean mean burger. But that gets old and now that it’s finally starting to warm up I’d like to be able to have burgers more often and on the grill. Continue reading Seafood-Shroom Burger

Juicy Salmon Burgers

I won’t pretend that I am the pinnacle of good health, but I do try my best to only feed my body good things these days. I quit smoking almost a decade ago (yay me!) and I’ve lost about fifty pounds but I still indulge in alcohol because it tastes yummy and I love it. But what I do is stay away from processed foods that I used to love like salami, bacon and even my beloved prosciutto. Then I began to feel sluggish after a juicy steak so when I was in the States I satisfied my beef craving with bison.

Here in Germany however Bison isn’t so easy to come by…do they even have bison floating around here? I haven’t had beef in a couple of years, since I visited my steak-loving papa and even then I got a delicious cut of bison at Ted’s Montana Grill (everyone check it out if you have one near you). But the thing is beef just doesn’t taste like it did back in the day when I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have burger cravings. I am a red-blooded American, after all. Continue reading Juicy Salmon Burgers

Pear & Maasdam Ciabatta Sammies

When it comes to making food I find that the most difficult meal to be creative with is lunch. As a kid I would be content with a grilled cheese or a bologna (YUCK) sandwich with Miracle Whip.

As an adult however, my tastes have improved…a lot. And now that I no longer suck down cigarettes like they’re going out of style, I have nearly all of my sense of taste back and I like flavorful food that isn’t made that way because of chemicals and food coloring. I prefer fresh ingredients that are as whole as possible.

Pear maasdam sams

So when I saw these gorgeous Comice pears at the market I grabbed a few and I went in search of Fontina cheese. Since it was apparently hiding from me, I decided on a cow’s milk cheese similar in taste. I grabbed a small wedge of Maasdam, a Dutch cheese that’s made like Swiss cheese (holes and all). It’s delicious and flavorful and goes great with clean flavors like pears. Continue reading Pear & Maasdam Ciabatta Sammies